Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park FAQ

Q: Does my lift ticket include Hakuba Goryu? Are they different resorts?

Yes, all passes, with the exception of single rides or Gondola only tickets, include Hakuba47 & Hakuba Goryu.
They are two different resorts but are conveniently connect at the top so that both can be enjoyed in the same day.

Please do note that adverse weather can temporarily close the connecting lifts, leaving you on whichever ever side you happen to be on.
This is especially important when considering where you have parked, left belongings, are meeting others, or shuttle times. Therefore,
when it is windy or stormy, please pay close attention to announcements and closures.

Q: Do you have English speaking ski lessons available?

We do, yes. Our long established Hakuba47 Ski Academy now has an International branch that caters specifically towards non-Japanese speakers.
Most of our Instructors are from native English speaking countries such as the UK, Australia, New Zealand & Canada. Both group and private lessons are available.

Alternatively, Hakuba Ski Concierge is a boutique Hakuba ski school that specializes in private ski & snowboard lessons, and resort guiding services.
All transportation is included and all Instructors are native English speakers.

Hakuba47 snowboard school is also have English lessons. Please jump to Hakuba47 Snowboard School official website for further details.

Q: Is Hakuba47 a family friendly resort?

Absolutely! Our Kid’s Slope is well placed within steps of our School Center, toilet facilities, restaurant, kid’s room and seating area.
Families can station themselves in our base lodge Euclid, and have every amenity that they may need very close by.
It is the perfect set up for families of all ages, complete with a nursing room for teeny tiny babies!
And, if parents want some time to themselves, they can always book their children into lessons with our Academy.

Q: How do we get to Hakuba47?

We are a short drive from the Olympic road and are well sign posted so you will have no issues finding us.
Alternatively, we run frequent, free shuttle buses between the resort and many main locations around Hakuba.
Please check out our shuttle bus schedule or ask your accommodation to find the closest stop to you.

Q: Do you have storage facilities?

Yes, we have small (¥400 per day) and large (¥700 per day) coin lockers available at our base area.

Q: How is Hakuba47 different from other resorts in the Valley?

There are a few things that set us apart from other resorts.
Firstly, most of our slopes are north facing, which means that we have the longest season for skiing top to bottom.
So while other resorts are crowded onto their upper slopes and guests are forced to download on the lifts during the early and late season - the chances are you'll be skiing all the way down at '47.

We also have a great selection of ski schools for our guests to choose from, so there is sure to be a service that suits you. Further more, we are currently the only resort in the valley to provide lift line priority for our overseas guests taking lessons. Which, when you are paying for your time is a BIG deal, especially during busy times such as Christmas & New Years.

We also boast a large, well designed and maintained "47PARKS" Terrain Park which is serviced by a pair lift.

Q: Am I allowed to fly my drone at Hakuba47?

Due to a high number of lift cables, towers and the lifts themselves, having drones in the air poses considerable risk to the infrastructure, staff and public. Therefore, all drones are prohibited within the resort. Thank you for your understanding.

If we have not answered your question - please don't heists to get in touch via inquiry mail form. We look forward to hearing from you.