2016-2017 Mountain Infomation

Season December 1st,2016(Depends on snow) – May 7,2017 Steepest Slope 32 °
Vertical Rise 1,614m~820m(794m) Total Length of Trail 13,570m
Longest Run 6,400m Annual Snowfall 10m
Course Data 30%Beginners, 40%Intermediate, 30%Advanced Weather Fair 42%, Snowy 24%
Average Temperature Dec:-2℃ Jan:-6℃ Feb:-3℃ Mar:-1℃ Apr:3℃ May:11℃

Trail Map

2016-2017 Operation of Lifts and Gondola

Operating Hours Length
12/1~1/6 1/7~2/3 2/4~3/31 4/1~5/6
GondolaLine-8 8:00-15:50 UP
16:10 DOWN
8:00-16:00 UP
16:15 DOWN
8:00-16:20 UP
16:30 DOWN
8:00-16:00 UP
16:15 DOWN
Pair Lift Line-A.B 8:10-15:50 8:10-16:00 8:10-16:20 8:10-16:00 595m
Quad Lift Line-C
(High Speed)
8:50-15:50 8:50-16:00 8:50-16:20 8:50-16:00 1229m
Pair Lift Line-D 8:00-16:10 8:00-16:10 - - 993m
Pair Lift Line-E
(High Speed)
9:20-16:00 9:20-16:10 9:20-16:25 9:00-16:10 1030m

*Gondora and each lift will start when it is ready without regard of above time.
*Lift operation times will be changed depends on weather conditon.
*LineD will operate on Dec 29th to Jan 3th.

Course Information

Course Information Length Average Slope Steepest Slope
R-1(Upper Half) Intermediate 1,600m 22° 28°
R-1(Lower Half) Intermediate 900m 22° 28°
R-2 Advanced 1,620m 18° 30°
R-3 Double Black 800m 20° 32°
R-4 Terrain Park "47PARKS" 600m 14° 16°
R-5 Beginner 800m 12° 14°
R-6 Beginner 850m 10° 14°
R-7 Beginner 3,600m 12°
R-8(Upper Half) Beginner 1,300m 10° 12°
R-8(Lower Half)
(Partly Terrain Park)
Beginner 1,500m 10° 12°
Half Pipe Wide 16m, Vertical 3m 135m 16° 16°
Kids Park Snow Escalator 30m 12° 12°

Upper Route1

Recommend to have a groomed R1 in early morning .
Gradient Max, 30°/Ave, 13°
Skill ●●● intermediate

Hakuba47 was established in 1990. The resort name refers to the incredible 4 seasons of Hakuba which guests can enjoy 7 days a week. Many guests visit Hakuba47 during the winter months to enjoy snow skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe trekking, snowmobiling, snow picnics and play. These activities continue into spring when during the month of May you can view spectacular cherry blossoms. During summer guests can enjoy mountain biking, outdoor BBQs, mini steam train park, fishing, swimming and trekking. In Autumn the temperatures start to fall and you can witness the incredible transformation of colours as the trees change in readiness for winter. There are many cultural activities such as soba making / oyaki ban and craft workshops throughout the year.

Hakuba47 is located in the Hakuba Valley cascading down the apron of the Northern Japanese Alps. The Mecca of Japanese snowsports has 10 ski resorts and over 200 runs. The alpine scenery from Hakuba47 is truly spectacular with huge rugged mountains towering to the sky, notably Goryudake and the famous three peaks of Hakuba Yarigatake, Hakuba Syakushidake, Shiroumadake (which means white horse mountain and is the resort's signature peak rising to a lofty 2,932m or 9,770 feet).

Hakuba47’s lift ticket includes two other mountains, being Hakuba Goryu and Iimori which are interlinked offering a vast skiable area with 23 named runs to delight skiers and snowboarders. That’s three resorts for the price of one!

Hakuba47 offers Hakuba Valley’s longest winter season (December through to May). Boasting comfortable north-facing beginner slopes, a great selection of intermediate cruising runs and challenging off piste black and double black diamond courses, there is something for everyone. For the adventurous there is a permanent moguls course and the best terrain park in the Hakuba Valley with its well-maintained half-pipe and snowpark offering a variety of boxes, rails, bonks, jumps, waves and berms serviced by two dedicated double chairs.

At Hakuba47 you can sit back on the chairlift to view the breathtaking scenery and keep an eye out for the adorable snow monkeys and kamoshika (Japanese serow) who call Hakuba47 home.

We look forward to seeing you at Hauba47.

Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park