Brand Viking offers a wide range of the latest skis, snowboards, fun skis, powder models and even snow scooters. You can select what you would like from the display or our friendly team can advise you if you`re unsure.

You can also change gear multiple times in one day if you`d like to try and compare different models, try a new sport all together or find the very best equipment for you.

Store guide


We are very conveniently located in the base Gondola station building. This means you will only have to carry any equipment a mere matter of steps before getting on the lift.

We also have storage coin lockers available for shoes or other personal belongings.

Sports shop `Gellespo`

We carry the necessities of snow wear such as goggles, hats, and gloves, should you forget your own or need to purchase. Also, as a new sports shop - many items are exclusive to this store - enjoy!

Business hours:

Business hours: 7:45~16:30

Rental Fee

1 day - AdultHalf day - Adult1 day - ChildHalf day - Child
SkisSki set
(skis & boots & poles)
Skis only¥3,500¥3,000¥2,500¥2,000
Boots only¥2,800¥2,300¥2,000¥1,500
Poles only¥800¥800¥800¥800
Board・Nico・SnowskateBoard set
(board & boots)
Board・Nico・Snowskate only¥3,500¥3,000¥2,500¥2,000
Boots only¥2,800¥2,300¥2,000¥1,500
Outer clothingOuter clothing set¥4,500¥3,500¥3,500¥3,000
Outer clothing each¥2,500¥2,000¥2,000¥1,500
Snow scooter only\2,000(2 hours)
\3,000(4 hours)
\4,000(1 day)

※No reservation is necessary.
※Outer clothing is not included in the ski & snowboard sets.
※Outer clothing includes jacket and pants, but not accessories such as goggles, hats & gloves.
※We have a limited number of snowskate and Nico: 1 snowskate and 2 Nico.
※As to the rental boots for snow scooter, please refer to the rental fee for the snowboard boots.

Our carried brands:

Product Lines

Trend Items


Snow-skate produced by a popular snowboard brand, LIBTECH. Fine quality and very popular! You can ride gondolas with your snow-skate, but you are not allowed to ride chairlifts with it.

Separate-Snowboards "Nico"

Separate-Snowboards®"NICO" is a snowboard which consists of 2 small boards.
There are many ways to look at it, such as "a fusion of skiing and snowboarding" or "a snow version of free-line skating," but its style is still unknown.
Not many people know what NICO is yet, and it is an untapped sporting equipment to see what style of snow sports it will evolve into.

Snow scooter

Snow scoot is a winter sport gear that looks like a combination of a bicycle and a snowboard. It is different from skiing and snowboarding in that you can ride through the snowy mountains using the handlebars. It takes about two hours of basic practice to get the hang of it, so even people who don't normally do sports can enjoy it. It is a sporting gear that can be enjoyed by everyone from elementary school children to the elderly, regardless of gender.



Liberty: Helix


Elan: E/Flex GX

Short ski


Light and easy to handle. Anyone can enjoy safely!!


Jones: XPLORER Directionsl rocker




Rossignol: big gun 2007

Sabrina: voyage

Burton 2017モデル



For Kids



Outer clothing & Boots

Outer clothing


Rental hours

1 DayAs long as you would like within the business hours
Half dayAM is from when you start until 13:00.
PM is from 12:00pm until you finish (within business hours)


70cm ~ 180cm
80cm ~ 170cm
Ski boots
15.5cm ~ 32.5cm
Snowboard boots
15.5cm ~ 32.5cm
Outer clothing
80cm ~ 6L
S ~ XL

Please note that some items are in limited supply depending on the size. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

What to bring when renting equipment:

  • - Piece of valid ID, such as driving license or insurance card.
  • - Hotel/accommodation name
  • - Contact number, such as cell phone or hotel number.


Hakuba47 supported various payment systems
【Credit Card】 【QR Code】 【Prepaid Card】 【Cash】

Further Details

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I make a reservation?

A: No reservation is necessary. We are walk-in only.

Q: Can I rent accessories such as goggles, gloves, hats, and so on?

A: We are sorry, but we do not rent items that come into direct contact with your skin.

Q: If I rent for a series of days, is it possible to have the store take care of it each day?

A: We will keep the items you rent free of charge. Please feel free to use this service.