Base Area

Base Lodge EUCLID

Our base lodge Euclid is a great spot to station yourself for the day. It has all amenities and that you might want before, during or after a day on the slopes. These include a large cafeteria "Alice," kid's room and nursing space, toilets and a small shop selling snow essentials such as hats, goggles and gloves. Just outside the front doors of the first floor, the parking lot and bus stop are conveniently located, and the second floor opens straight onto the snowy slopes. Storage spaces are also available as well as plenty of seating.

First Floor(WIFI available)

Information Counter

This is your one stop shop for Resort information, such as slope and lift navigation. We also have storage facilities if you wanted to lighten the load before hitting the snow.


Don't forget that FREE WIFI is available throughout the lodge.
SSID: Hakuba47_FREE

Coin Lockers

Coin lockers are available for ¥500 per use, or ¥700 for a large one.

Changing Room

Our clean, comfortable, dryer equipped changing room is the perfect spot to freshen up, re-arrange layers or warm up.

Shower Room

Showers are available for a small fee of ¥100 per 5 minutes.

Wash Room

Clean toilets, hot water, and dryers available around the clock.

Nursing room

A private space for nursing parents, this room also has a change table and seating.

Second Floor (WIFI available)

Restaurant Alice

This large cafeteria-style restaurant offers a large variety of Japanese and Western snacks, meals and beverages. There is lots of seating and guests can enjoy looking straight onto the slopes. And, when the weather is nice - why enjoy a refreshment outside? See "Restaurants" for more details.


You can find snow essentials such as hats, gloves, goggles, and Hakuba47 original goods in our restaurant "Alice."

Kid's space

Family room equipped with a padded play area, fun toys and seating for parents. This space is free with the purchase of lift tickets or ¥300 on it's own.

Free Wifi

Don't forget that FREE WIFI is available throughout the lodge.
SSID: Hakuba47_FREE

Ticket Center & Snow Drop

This strip is made up of ticket counters, an information center, a Beer Bar serving a range of local and imported beverages and snacks and our Soup Kitchen which has embraced a TexMex style. Located opposite the Gondola it is a good "go to" if you are in need of any of the above.

Ticket Counter

Staffed by friendly, helpful staff you can purchase any one of our ticket's at these counters.

Tours 47

Stay tuned to find out more about our tours for this coming season!

Beer Bar

With local and imported beverages, this is the perfect way to enjoy a break or reward yourself at the end of the day. See "Restaurants" for more details.

Soup Kitchen

There is nothing like a hearty soup to warm the cockles of your heart on a winter's day! See "Restaurants" for more details.

Information Center

We are here to help! Be it resort related information or general Hakuba help, we will do our utmost to assist you during your visit.

Hakuba47 Senior Club


Don't forget that FREE WIFI is available throughout the lodge.
SSID: Hakuba47_FREE

School Center

This is the hub of snow sport professionals. Lessons with Hakuba47 Ski Academy, Hakuba47 Ski Academy International and the Snowboard School can be booked onsite, with plenty of friendly staff ready to answer your questions. You can also inquire about Hakuba Ski Concierge, an affiliate boutique Ski School.

Ski Academy International

Ski Academy

Our in house Ski School with a long and proud history of providing excellent lessons by career professionals. We are also excited about our ever-expanding International branch, which caters specifically towards our overseas visitors through both private and group lessons.

Snowboard School

Tailored exclusively towards snowboarders, you can receive both private and group tuition.


Don't forget that FREE WIFI is available throughout the lodge.
SSID: Hakuba47_FREE

Base Gondola Station

Gondola Station

Our base station is the hub of activity with a connected Rental Shop and Pizza House! For beginners and experts alike, a ride up the Gondola to start the day is the way to go, as it will take you half way up the mountain where you can ski straight onto our beginner runs, terrain park or high speed quad lift to reach the more advanced terrain. There is also great coffee at the top station with fantastic valley views, and several eating options.

Pizza House LUIS

Award winning Pizza and a taste of Italy. With a distinctly European Alps ambiance, this establishment is a nostalgic change from most on hill eating areas in Hakuba. See "Restaurants" for more details.

Rental Shop

Rent the latest equipment by our knowledgeable staff, very conveniently located a few short paces from the Gondola base station.


Don't forget that FREE WIFI is available throughout the lodge.
SSID: Hakuba47_FREE


Ski Patrol

Be sure you know where our Patrol stations are located.



Bus Stop

We will shortly update our bus schedule for the 2021/2022 season. Stay tuned!
Further Details

Alpine area

Alpine Center Minos

Located at the top of the gondola is our very own "Alpine Center Minos." Don't miss the view of the Northern Alps from Restaurant Carol on the second floor - it is one of the best in the valley. We also have a kid's area, our choice selection for coffees and sweet treats at Cafe 47, another food spot and many more facilities to make your day easier.

Second Floor (WIFI available)

Restaurant Carol

Breaking the mould from most on-hill dining options in Japan, Carol offers specialized, locally sourced dining options with a dramatic backdrop. See "Restaurants" for more details..

Cafe 47

Your one stop shop for sweet treats and hot beverages. See "Restaurants" for more details.

Kid's area

A kid's area at the top of the gondola; having small children doesn't mean you can't go up the mountain, free for all to enjoy.


First floor (WIFI available)


Fast, tasty and light bites for your convenience.See "Restaurants" for more details.

Picnic area

Please feel free to use this area to rest, snack or warm up.


Coin lockers are available for those needing to store luggage or gear.

Toilet facilities

Washrooms and baby change facilities.

Smoking room

Our designated smoking area. We ask that all smokers use this area, and not outside on the Piste.

Mid-mountain Patrol base

Know where you closest Patrol hut is. They are located at the mountain base area, the top of the gondola, and at the top of the high speed quad lift.