Restaurant Alice at the Base

Located at the base area, this is well positioned with the ski slope on one side and the parking lot on the other. On the second floor of base lodge Euclid, homemade Shinshu beef curry, pork cutlet bowls and ramen are among the many options. The rice is sourced from local Hakuba farmers as well as other produce.

With long opening hours and a wide selection, you can get you breakfast, lunch and dinner here!

● Business hours: 7:30 - 16:30
● Food and beverage service: Breakfast from 8:00 - 10:00 (7:30 on weekends & public holidays)
Lunches & dinner from 10:00 - 14:00
Beverages from 8:00 - 15:30

Menu Specials

Homemade Shinshu beef curry with local ingredients

Warm and hearty curry - a stable of on hill eating in Japan.
Just ¥1,100.

Shinshu pork rice bowl

Try the tender, juicy Shinshu pork!
Just \1,200

Soy sauce ramen

Popular among adults and children alike - there are few things as good as a warm ramen on a winter`s day! Soy sauce flavored broth, with bamboo, pork, onion, egg and noodles.

Just ¥900

Pizza House Luis at the Base

Award winning pizzas for consecutive years, our thin, crispy based pizzas are a true taste of Italy. With creative combinations that reflect Japan and Europe and an atmosphere to boot, all pizzas are baked in an authentic stone oven and will leave you wanting more.

● Business hours: 9:00 - 16:30
● Food & beverage service:
Mondays through Fridays
 ・Pizza: 10:00 - 14:00
 ・Beverages: 9:00 - 15:00

Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays
・Pizza: 10:00 - 15:00
 ・Beverages: 9:00 - 16:00
Closed on Thursdays after January

Menu Specials:

Shinshu (Nagano) miso mushroom

Sweet and spicy peppers combined with miso and locally grown mushrooms - this was featured in the 2017 menu competition.

A truly unique and original combination, this pizza will give even the Italians a run for their money!

Nozawana Vegetable Pizza

Last year Pizza House Luis' "Nozawana vegetable pizza" was ranked number 1 for best mixed pizza!! Could this be the best pizza of 2021 again?!

Combination classic

A staple at Pizza House Luis, this classic Italian style pizza has not only been with us since 1995, but is still our most popular with adults and children alike.

Hakuba 47 Original Craft Beer

What goes well with pizzas? That's beer!
LUIS pizza house manager who is particular about the quality of beer has selected a variety of craft beer from "Hakuba Brewing Company." Which ones will be lined up in the pizza house when you walk in? Look forward to it!

Restaurant Carol at the Top of the Gondola

Restaurant Carol

Located at the top of the Gondola, Restaurant Carol offers stunning views on fair days and an all new menu of homemade meals for this coming season. The food breaks the trend of typical on hill dining and offer`s locally raised, farmed and matured dishes.

● Business hours: 8:30 - 15:30
● Food and beverage service: Food from 10:00 - 14:00
Beverages from 9:00 - 14:30

Menu Specials

Pork cutlet curry

A mouth watering, crispy, huge pork cutlet served on curry makes you get really full and satisfied.

Meat sauce spaghetti

Spaghetti served in Alice restaurant has a bit chewy texture. This spaghetti is very popular with small children and women!

Loco Moco Rice Bowl

Can't decide which food to order?
Here's our recommendation, loco moco rice bowl! Try Carol's juicy hamburger stake topped over rice!

Roast beef bowl

Tender roast beef is served with Carol's original gravy sauce. Yummy!!

Other menu choices include:

Beef Curry ¥1,000

Omelet Curry ¥1,350

Spaghetti with Crab and Tomato Sauce ¥1,200

Juicy Fried Chicken \550

Crispy French Fries \400

Note: Menu is subject to change.

Cafe47 at the Top of the Gondola

Established in 2016, Cafe47 offers excellent coffee and baked goods with the Japanese Alps for a backdrop. A great place to start the day or take a break from the slopes and recharge!

Menu Specials:

Freshly brewed coffee - mild or strong roasted

Freshly ground coffee beans:

- Roasted blend ¥500
- Cafe Latte ¥600
- Cafe Mocha \600

Craft Beer

Taste the craft beer produced by a local brewery.
We have several different kinds of beer - IPA, pale ale, lager, stout, apple ale, coffee punch, etc.
Not all kinds are available always. Never know which one is available till you come to Cafe 47!
・IPA \900
・Pale Ale \800

Hot Dogs

Go great with coffee or craft beer!

- plain \600
- cheese \700

Handmade Bagels

Each Bagle is carefully handmade from scratch.
The gentle taste of the ingredients and the chewy dough will give you a sensation you've never experienced before!
Quantities limited.
・Whole wheat flour ¥350
・Other Bagle ¥400
・Pound cake ¥380

Beer Bar at the Base

The cozy restaurant is located right in front of the gondola station. You can enjoy beers from many different countries! We have a wide variety of snacks, German sausages, and meals that go well with beer.

Open Hours: 9:00~16:30
~ Menu ~
・Spicy fried chicken rice bowl \800
・Ginger pork rice bowl \750
・WARSTEINER (German)\700

Soup Kitchen at the Base

Easy-to-eat Mexican food.
The hot soup will warm up your cold body. Conveniently located near the bus roundabout. Takeout is OK! You can also enjoy Mexican beer and various cocktails.

Open Hours: 9:00~16:30 Weekends and holidays: 9:00~16:00
~ Menu ~
・Soup \600~
・Nachos \550
・Tacos \550
・Flavored coffee \400
・Coffee \300

Cow Cafe at the Top of the Gondola

On sale at the first floor of the gondola station!
Enjoy a sweet crepe after a long day of skiing!

Opening hours: 10:00 - 15:00

~ Menu list ~
Strawberry cream: ¥550
Choco strawberry banana cream: \600
Caramel banana cream: \550


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