Wilderness Survival Camp with the Family 2024

Wilderness Survival Camp

This 2-day and 1-night adventure program is designed specifically with families in mind. It's a chance to get outdoors, be amongst nature and learn new skills together. From pitching your tent to catching fish and cooking them, our staff are here to facilitate an authentic experience and lend a hand should you need it. We are also ready to teach you tips for camping, how to make a fire and cook with dutch ovens. At night, enjoy a family get-together in a quiet tent with a little light. Learn how to survive the outdoors in a fun, yet approachable way.

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Enjoy camping alongside the river, with no reservations necessary for this open style campsite.
Due to an event, the auto camping site will be exclusively reserved from Saturday, July 20th, 10:00 AM to Sunday, July 21th, 10:00 AM. During this time, camping, including day camps, will not be available. Thank you for your understanding.

Overnight camping

This site covers a large area so there is plenty of space to create your own outdoor home!
● Campsite fee: ¥4,000 for up to 4 people
      : ¥1,000 per person for each additional after 4
      : Children under 2 are free
● Reception hours of operation 9:00~16:00
● Check in from 9:00am
● Check out before 12:00 noon

Overnight Camping Fees (/Night):
Campsite Fee
up to 4 people

each additional after 4

※Children under 2 are free.

Day camping

Enjoy our drive in/drive out day camping area. Situated next to a river you can make a BBQ and enjoy nature in your own private space all day long!
●Campsite fees: ¥3,000 for up to 4 guests
      : An additional ¥700 per person after 4 people
      : Kids under 2 are free
● How to make a reservation: We do not accept advance bookings and ask that you reserve your place on the day at our Reception.

Day Camping Fees (/Day):
Campsite Fee
up to 4 people

each additional after 4

※Children under 2 are free.

Campsite cooking facilities

A camp kitchen is installed close to the washrooms.

Campsite washroom

Toilet facilities are located next to the campsite and have clean hot and cold water.

Cubicle coin operated showers

Our coin operated showers are located on the first floor of our base lodge Euclid.
Click here to see a map of Hakuba's hot springs


① Before entering our campsites please check in and pay at Reception located at our Gondola base station.
② You will then receive a card with our campsite layout which will let our staff know that you have checked in. Please place this in a visible place on the outside of your tent.
③ Kindly return the card upon check out to Reception.

Kindly note the following:

 ● Reservations cannot be made in advance but only on the day. We will operate on a first come first served basis.
 ● Sleeping anywhere on the premises of Hakuba 47 will be viewed and charged as camping - even if you are sleeping in your car.
 ● Guests entering from 8:00 am - before check in - will be charged the previous night's fee.
 ● There are no pre-set camping places, please use the area freely whilst keeping others in mind.
 ● Open fires are not allowed. Please use stoves or BBQ facilities.

Campsite FAQ

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