STEP04: Receive voucher

- Once payment has been confirmed we will send you a voucher that will then be exchanged for your Season`s Pass upon your first visit.
- Please do keep your receipt and voucher safe for a quick and smooth exchange

STEP05: Visit

- Once you have arrived, simply exchange your voucher for you pass and enjoy the season!
- As all Season Passes contain IC chips, a ¥500 deposit is required for the card itself, though it will be refunded once returned at the end of the season.
- Only the Pass holder will receive a refund on the deposit.

We wish you a VERY enjoyable season here at Hakuba47 Winter Sports Park.

For all purchases:

Kindly note that once a Season`s Pass has been purchased, no refunds or cancellations can be made. Therefore, please do take your time when purchasing to ensure all details are correct.