Tree Riding Zone

Tree Riding Zone is OPEN on Jan 1st!

We have changed the "Tree Riding Zone" program for this season.
Please see more details below and have great tree riding season!

The Hakuba 47 Tree Riding Zones (TRZ) are high-hazard sections of trees which can only be entered by guests wearing TRZ armband. It's easy to become a TRZ member, and there's no extra cost (costs 200 yen only for armband). The map below shows the zones in green. The areas in purple are tree zones that do not require TRZ armband to enter.

Who can become a TRZ member? Anyone who:
• takes part in a TRZ safety briefing
• signs the TRZ agreement
• is 13 yrs or older, and is over 150 cm in height
• if under 18 yrs, has parent consent and must ski/ride with the parent
• is able to pay for the expense of rescue if needed
• wears the TRZ membership arm band when entering the zones

Here's how easy it is to get your TRZ Armband!

     See waiver in more detail     

The tree riding zone safety briefing is held twice a day at 9:00am and 11:00am.