Tree Riding Zone

Tree Riding Zone Status

Please check the Tree Riding Zone status as following
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Tree Riding Zone Application

Tree Riding Zone

The Tree Riding Zone is a course for the adventurous, seeking a thrilling winter sports experience.
Entry is only granted upon agreeing to abide the zone's rules.
Please keep in mind depending on the quality of the snow and the snow patrol's report on the given day, we may need to keep the area closed due to safety concerns. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Map & Entry Conditions

-- Entry Condition --

  • ●20 years old or over (16-19 years olds are required to produce written permission from parents or legal guardians)

  • ●Acceptance and abiding of the Tree Riding Zone rules.

  • ●Wearing a designated high visibility jacket.

Membership Registration (For First Timers)

*We are opening to the public a concern form on the website.
 Please read the consent form carefully and fill in the form below before you come.
 It will make the time short.

     Concern form     

     Application Form     

For Returners

Entering The Tree Riding Zone

On the day you wish to enter the Tree Riding Zone, please bring your ID to the next door to ticket counter. In exchange for your ID card, you will receive a red high visibility Jacket which has to been worn at all times when using the Tree Riding Zone. When you finish, please bring the jacket back to the same place in order to receive your ID card back.

●You must wear the red high visibility jacket AT ALL TIMES when entering and using the Tree Riding Zone.
●Please make sure you return the jacket to the school center/next to ticket counter(returner) by 15.00. Failure to do so will cause the rescue team to go out and look for you thinking you had an accident.
●Please keep in mind that depending on the weather conditions,we may be forced to keep the area closed. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.

Back Country

Back Country

As according to the Hakuba Rules, skiing/snowboarding outside of the set areas is strictly forbidden. If however, customers wish to leave beyond the perimeters of the ski resort, they are free to do so at their own risk once they submit a written declaration of intent. There are no guidelines on the style or form of the declaration but we advise to use the blank form available at the school center. Alternatively, you can download a PDF copy here. Once again, anyone leaving beyond the ski resort area is doing so at their own risk.