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Wilderness Survival Camp

Wilderness Survival Camp FAQ

See our FAQ section below to see if it can help answer your questions.

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Q It is our first time, is this camp suitable for us and our children?

A All of our camp have guides here ready to assist you at any time. So, even if it is your first camping experience, we are here to teach you new skills and share our knowledge.

Q Will the camp go ahead if it rains?

A Yes. Luckily our tents are fully waterproof and we have a large covered area for eating and cooking. Be sure to bring rain gear as mountain weather is notoriously unpredictable.

Q Should I bring sleeping bags?

A No, that is not necessary. All equipment is provided here, including tents, sleeping bag, cooking utensils and cooking equipment. You just need to bring your clothing and personal items. Please note that it does get cool during the night and early morning, so if you feel the cold easily be sure to bring some warm clothing for bedtime.

Q Should I bring a lantern?

A No, that is not necessary. We will prepare a lantern for each tent. Please bring a torch or small light with you when going to the toilet at night.

Q How large are the tents?

A Our tents are 4-6 person tents, so should provide ample space for your family If you are a larger group or feel that it is too small, please ask the guide and we will do our best to find a good alternative for you.

Q Do you have a bathing or show facilities?

A We have coin operated showers on site, and these are charged as ¥100 per 5 minutes. There is also a hot spring a 3 minute car ride away, and if you`re without transport we may be able to collect you from the hot spring.
 Jiro No Yu

Q I am using public transport instead of private car, what is the best way to do this?

A There are shuttles from Hakuba station at the following times:
  ①9:30  ②10:30  ③11:45  ④12:30

We can also assist with transport for arrivals outside of these times, as well as collect guests from the hot springs. At the time of booking please do indicate if you are using public transport and may need assistance with shuttles, or if you will arrive by private car.

Q Is there a shuttle from Nagano station?

A We do not provide shuttles between our resort and Nagano station, and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. There are however public shuttles - kindly see the timetable below;
   Alpico Bus Service

Q Can I bring in my own food and drink?

A Yes, you can freely bring in food and drink to the tent/camping site. We do ask however that you do not bring your own food and drinks into the BBQ area as there are other paying day customers. In this case please use vending machines or Restaurant Alice if you feeling hungry or thirsty.

Q Are the measures in place for food allergies?

A Yes, we will correspond in advance directly with the guests who has the allergy. Please be sure to notify us of this ahead of time.

Q What is the level of spiciness of the curry?

A The curry we provide is mild and not too spicy.

Q Is the parking lot far from the camp site?

A No, it is about 50 meters between the two points. Please note that you cannot drive you care directly to the camp site.

Q How far are the tents from the toilets?

A Nice and close - about 30 meters. Because the toilets are inside the building they have washlets, flush and changing area.

Q Can I bring my pet?

A Yes, your pets can come to the campsite, though they are not permitted inside the tents or the BBQ/eating areas. Please also be considerate to other guests, ensure your pet is well fed/watered and clean up after it.

Q Can I bring a tarp?

A Yes you can, as a way to create extra covered space for your group. When busy though please be aware of surrounding tents and only put it up if it will not interfere with people`s access to their tents or facilities.

Q Are fireworks permitted?

A Only handheld fireworks, such as sparklers, are permitted. All other types are not allowed. Also, we ask that you notify your guide on the day if you plan to use handheld ones.

Q Can I use fires and/or firelighters?

A No fires or BBQs are permitted anywhere outside of the BBQ area.

Q Please define adults, children & infants

A  Adults; Junior high school students and older
  Child; From 3 years of age through Elementary school
  Infants; Children under 3 years of age
  * Infants are free of charge but does not include their meals or sleeping bags. if you would like those provided, please inform us at the time of booking or by phone or contact form.

Q Can I charge my phone battery?

A  Yes, you can. We have some battery chargers inside the rest house near the camping site.
Below are the list of connectors we have:
Lighting / micro USB Type-B / USB Type-C

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