Enjoy the taste of summer!

Table top BBQ

Table top BBQs are the perfect way to enjoy outdoor eating during the summertime! Furthermore, you need not worry about preparation or clean up when using ours, as our staff are here to do that for you! Our sheltered area also means that this can be enjoyed in any weather - so we have got you covered in rain or shine!

● Location: Large BBQ tent - base area
● Cost: Adult ¥2,800/person Child \1,800/person Toddler \500/person
● Reservation: Reserve your BBQ any time up until the morning of the day of. We ask for a minimum of two people per group/BBQ
  ※ Please indicate the number of participants when reserving.
● How to reserve: Please contact by phone on 0261-75-3533
 You can also reserve by our online inquiry form if it is 3 days or more in advance. Kindly note that reservations within two days must be done by phone.

 ※ Kindly provide the following on your inquiry form:
  ・Requested date
  ・Start time(10:00~14:00)
  ・Total number of adults and children
  ・Number of food portions
  ・Contact number that is reachable on the day

Apply via online inquiry form

On site food and drink options

Pizza House Luis

Come and enjoy our authentic Italian kiln baked pizzas, with an extra crispy base and local, seasonal toppings. In the winter season Pizza House Luis has won a competition for the best on hill food among ski resorts within the Nagano prefecture!

Short Menu:

- Veggie pizza - loaded with local, seasonal vegetables
- Combination pizza - a taste of everything
- Classic Margarita
- Garlic & Onion
- Any many others to choose from!

Location: Base area


Enjoy freshly brewed coffee and other light bites with spectacular views of the Northern Japan Alps. Located at the gondola summit we also have an outdoor terrace so you can enjoy the sunshine or bring your pets with you!

Short Menu:

- Hamburgers
- Fresh coffee
- Apple Juice
- A variety of other food and drink

Location: Gondola summit

Food & Drinks at The Beer Bar

A sample of world foods and beers at SnowDrop.

Short Menu

- Beers from around the world
- Local beers
- Large selection of sausages to go with your beer!
- Others foods and drinks are available

Location: Base area

TEX MEX & Soup Kitchen

Enjoy seasonal Tex/Mex inspired dishes outside at our base area -

Short Menu:

- Flavoured coffee, including vanilla, caramel & Hazelnut
- Mexican Tacos
- Soup & bread combos
- A variety of other food and drink

Freshwater Rock fish skewers

Enjoy freshly caught, salted and smoked rock fish skewers - straight out of the Hira river

Location: Water park base area
Cost: ¥800 per fish & bottle