47 Alpine Adventure

47 Alpine Adventure & ZIP LINE

Let's go on an adventure!

Experience our exciting obstacle courses in a beech forest at the altitude of 1,200m! The highest point of the courses is 9.8m high! Put on a harness and clear a total of 37stages!

Admission Fee/Hours of Operation/Required Time


※ Gondola tickets are also required. Click here for details.

Hours of Operation
●47 Alpine Adventure 9:30 am~3:00 pm (Last call 2:30 pm)
●ZIP LINE 9:30 am~3:45 pm (Last call 3:45 pm)

Required Time
●①Low course 1 15~30 minutes
●②Low course 2 10~20 minutes
●③Hugh course 20~45 minutes
■In total 40~90 minutes

※ Required time is just for your reference.

Terms and Conditions

Minimum height 130cm. Maximum weight 100kg.

You must be at least 130cm tall to be fit in well with a harness. Your weight must be less than 100kg which is the weight capacity of each obstacle.

Accompanied by a parent/guardian

Children under 18 years old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Safety guidance

Participants must be given a safety guideline before undertaking 47 Alpine Adventure and follow the guideline during the activity. 47 Alpine Adventure consists of a physically demanding obstacle course, and there is a risk of injury.

How to apply:

Here is the way to participate in the activity:

  1. Go up to the Alpine Area by our gondola.
  2. When you get off the gondola and step out to the terrace, you will see a reception on your right.
  3. You will be required to fill out a "Risk Acknowledgement & Disclaimer" form before undertaking 47 Alpine Adventure (if you are under 18, you must have your parent/guardian fill out the form on behalf of you).
  4. Wear a harness and get ready for an adventure! Your shoes, NOT sandals, must be worn all the time.
  5. Listen carefully to our safety guideline!!
  6. Let's begin!! Our staff will be with you to check the safety and give you the final briefing.
  7. The first obstacle is a ZIP LINE. You will feel like Tarzan flying! No need to hold your rope. Hooray!! Don't rush. Take your time and enjoy!
  8. Once you clear the course you have chosen, exit and go back to the start line. Return the harness and you are done!

Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer

Downloading and printing out "Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer" beforehand make it easier for you to apply for the activity!

Download "Risk Acknowledgement and Disclaimer"

Prohibited Actions

No more than two people on each obstacle

It is very dangerous if you lose your balance on obstacles. Please walk alone or with your parent/guardian only on each obstacle.

No running

Running on the obstacles increases the risk of injury. Walk slowly!

Do not shake, swing, sway, or push the obstacles.

Intentionally shaking, swinging, swaying, and pushing the obstacles can be very dangerous.

Do not grab wires.

As your harness is hung from the wire, your hands might get caught in between the harness and wire. Always grab the rope of your harness or ropes on obstacles, NOT wires.

No flip flops and high heels

Your shoes must be flat and secure and must be worn all the time to keep your balance.

No alcohol drinks

You are not allowed to take part in the activity under the influence of alcohol. Please enjoy drinking AFTER the activity.

Obstacles at 47 Alpine Adventure

Can you clear all 37 obstacles?! Let's go on an adventure!!

[Section 1] Low Course 1


Squat down slowly and go! Feel the soothing breeze!

②Ladder Bridge

Let's start with logs that swing!

③V Loop

Walk on a wire by grabbing the V-shaped ropes!


Put your feet on the bottom of a ring and move forward!

⑤Lumber Bridge

Walk on three swinging bridges!


The width changes when you walk in a zig-zag!


It is not as easy as it looks. Do not fall!

⑧Swaying Bridge

You will be surprised to experience unexpected movements of the bridge!


Be careful when the seesaw leans forward or backward!


Gently hang and move to the center.


Finish with the ZIP LINE! Hooray!!

[Section 2] Low Course 2


[Section 3] High Course

⑲Balance Beam

⑳Balance Beam in the Air

Walk on the balance beam and ring a bell ahead of you!

㉑Fat Tube Bridge

㉒Pedal-type Car in the Air

Pedal a car slowly. You cannot go backward.

㉓Ladder Bridge

㉔Passing through obstacles

Don't fall when you pass through the obstacles!


Go forward slowly by moving left to right.

㉖Net Bridge

Hold onto the handrails! Your feet might get caught in the net!

㉗Bouldering Wall

Our bouldering wall is tough because it swings! Hold onto the edges of the boards, too!


It goes up and down!

㉙Jump Ski


Walk sideways on the net. You need muscular strength!

㉛ZIG ZAG Swing

㉜U Loop

The ropes sway to and fro, from side by side, so walk carefully!

㉝Swinging Bridge

This is one of the hardest obstacles. Go slowly!


This is the last obstacle for Long and Short courses. Flying with our ZIP LINE, cross a river and go back to the Gondola station!

Retire Course

㉟Sky High

Try jumping without holding a pulley!


It is harder and scarier than it actually looks!


You are going down to the ground here. For those going to the Long Course, go up the stairs to the next obstacle. There is more to come on the Long Course! This is the exit for those who would like to finish the obstacle course.