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Say hi to arukuma!

Today at 10:00, we revealed the new logo which will be used to represent various ski resorts in the area, including Hakuba 47. Nagano prefecture mascot Arukuma made an appearance and gave out puffed rice out to the attending children. He also assisted in making it too using the machine. Rice is heated and put under pressure and then... BANG! The rice is puffed and ready to eat. This is accompanied by a lot of white smoke as you can see on the above pictures. It was great fun!

Light snow has been falling since the morning and is it yet to stop. Powder fan beware; you will have sooo much fun today! I hope it won't snow too much tomorrow. Otherwise we'll be all covered in no time!



A picture, perhaps?

Numerous snow sculptures can be found throughout the resort. Here's Hello Kitty, by Line A entrance. If you look hard enough, you'll also find Thousand Sunny, the ship from Once Peace and Kumamon, the mascot of Kumamoto prefecture.

3rd day of low temperatures and real cold winter here at Hakuba village. The trails have frozen a bit but the afternoon sun should help us out a bit. Right, sun?

Newcomers on Route 8 coming from Goryu. It certainly takes some courage to climb to the top of the resort as a beginner. Slow and steady guys, no hurry! Routes 7 and 8 are a great starting point for beginners. Especially down route 8, the view is simply breathtaking.



Ogres about!

Setsubun, the end of winter in the Japanese traditional calendar falls on the February 3rd this year which is tomorrow. Because that is a Monday, we decided to hasten things a bit and perform the bean scattering ceremony...today! The bean scattering ceremony's aim is to fend off evil spirits and invite good fortune for the new year.
But what's that?! There's an ogre walking around in plain daylight! We haven't finish the ceremony at that point yet, that probably why.

“There's an ogre about! Get him!” Upon hearing those words, the kids rushed out and threw the beans at the ogres. The base area felt like a war zone with no place to hide; beans flying from every direction!

In a surreal twist, a few monsters were kind enough to distribute sweets themselves! How nice of them.


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