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Condition? Fantastic!

We had a TV crew from a local TV station pay us a visit. They touched upon the ongoing Olympics events. With our terrain park, half pipe and other jibs, Hakuba47 as served as rich backdrop for the programme.

First up, the terrain park diggers shown off their skills. A 18m kicker ensured they flown sky high!
Kaori Miyashiro, the programme's presenter was up next! She used a smaller kicker but nevertheless, gave a demonstration of what she is capable of. This episode is to be broadcast on the 24th so stay tuned!

With some snow in the morning, throughout the day the clouds scattered away revealing the the beautiful blue sky. With a spell of strong wind, we reduced the speed of lifts but fortunately not for long. At the sides of the slopes however, the snow became a canvas for various patterns carved by this breeze.

A week after the event at the Route 3 mogul, everything is back to normal. As you may remember, the last two weeks were pretty rough due to the record snowfall around the country. Everyone who missed out and did not manage to come here; we are waiting for you! The forecast for this weekend is spectacular and it would be a shame to miss out on some winter sport action again!



Mysteries of Nature

Enduring the wind, snow refuses to let go and has formed little cocoon shapes on several branches. You can see this on many trees around the resort. Nature really is a curious beast, isn't?

The Northern Alps shrouded in clouds. A fantastic view.
The snow glitters prominently in the few places where the sun manages to break through the clouds.

Will the constant broadcasts of Olypmic snowboarding events raise awareness of the sport and invite more people to give it a go? I hope so! Our terrain parks are always welcoming to new arrivals!

Restaurant Alice has now soft cream on its menu. There's plenty to chose from! I think I'll try the apple flavour a go tomorrow.



Skiing is great, isn't?

As the aftermath of the recent 'snowpocalypse' is slowly becoming a thing of a past, the number of visitors is steady rising once again. Rejoice! The slopes today were full of life, unlike a few days ago when this place could easily be mistaken with a ghost town. The weather and temperature too were top notch, providing a great day to be out on the slopes.

As promised, the newly reconstructed terrain park is open from today. Tried of watching all those Olympics snowboarding event on TV? Have a go at our park and experience it first hand!

A snow rafting school trip? I wish my schools trips were as cool as this!
Snow rafting is definitely one of the most exciting outdoors sports. The thrill of rafting down with clouds of snow surrounding is simply an unforgeable experience. If you have the time (and the guts!) do certainly have a go!


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