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Ogres about!

Setsubun, the end of winter in the Japanese traditional calendar falls on the February 3rd this year which is tomorrow. Because that is a Monday, we decided to hasten things a bit and perform the bean scattering ceremony...today! The bean scattering ceremony's aim is to fend off evil spirits and invite good fortune for the new year.
But what's that?! There's an ogre walking around in plain daylight! We haven't finish the ceremony at that point yet, that probably why.

“There's an ogre about! Get him!” Upon hearing those words, the kids rushed out and threw the beans at the ogres. The base area felt like a war zone with no place to hide; beans flying from every direction!

In a surreal twist, a few monsters were kind enough to distribute sweets themselves! How nice of them.



Middle School Work Experience at Hakuba 47

Today at Hakuba 47 we had a number of students from the local middle school for a work experience session. Putting their English skills to use, they served and sold tickets to foreign visitors. The work was challenging but I think it was a very educational day them for them.

Over at Pizza Restaurant Luis, students were prepaing the dough for the pizza. I wonder how often they help out in such a way at home... Definitely not a everyday experience! The students were seems slightly nervous, having to work in front of customers. After making a few pizzas however, they had not trouble what so ever.

We meet a lot of fantastic people here at Hakuba 47 from all over Japan and the world. Here are two lovely ladies from Tokyo. Thank you for posing!



Half Pipe is Open!

The long wait is over! The half pipe is officially open. Enjoy!

Today's weather was great. Almost as if it was spring already...
First day of February today. What does that mean? The winter Olympics are just around the corner! We plan to get a new, bigger TV installed in Restaurant Alice.

The little bikes are other accessories are a wildly popular among our youngest visitors in the kids slope. For a small fee, you little ones are able to ride those vehicles to their hearts content throughout the day.

Penguin Formation!
Today was the first day of the February edition of the KIDS47 EXCHANGE programme. The above penguin formation is a simple game to teach children the basics of ski control. Further in the month we'll see this formation less and less; the kids get much better and don't need to use it any more!


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