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Where have the clouds gone?

Not a single cloud in sight. The view from the summit is absolutely breathtaking. It's the first time this season we had 3 days in a row of such majestic weather conditions.

Thanks to the weather, almost anywhere is a good place for a group picture. The group in the picture hail from Aichi prefecure and said that they usually go snowboarding in Okumino in Gifu prefecture, much close to home. It definitely paid to get out a bit further, hasn't it? Enjoy Hakuba!

The route 4 terrain park is as lively as ever. A tourism bureau came around today to snap some promocional pictures; they couldn't have chosen a better day. To see more, head over to our Official Facebook page!

Wow, someone ordered the 47BURGER at Carol Restaurant! The serving is hefty so it's ideal to share with your friends. Come over and tuck in!



Enjoy the weather

Clear blue sky. What else do you need?
With the nasty snow storm behind us, lets look forward to more inviting weather!

As you many know, every Saturday at Hakuba47 we hold our much loved Soup Giveaway event. Our next neighbour, iimori resort hosts a similar event on Sundays. Instead of soup however, the sell delicious crab stew for 100 yen. Just as at 47, iimori's event attracts a relatively large crowd. They'll be selling crab stew until mid March so make sure to pay them a visit before then!



Ready, set, go!

Today we hosted our monthly race event. Top speed achieved: 85.5 km/h! Ranging from 8 year old school children to 60+ seniors, 64 contestants signed up meaning it was a pretty large event. There's no entry fee which means anyone is welcome to try and snatch a grab of rice!

The weather was splendid today which attracted many visitors to our resort.

The light snow today danced in the air at every opportunity it had. Tomorrow's forecast look just as today so prepare for more fun to be had here!

Another of our traditions; the saturday hot soup give-away! A prefect opportunity to take a break from skiing and warm yourselves with your home cooked soup. What will it be next week? Swing by and find out!


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