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03, 2011 | 47TODAY


Good snow in March

We've got more snow last night, and chilly int the morning. It still keeping good conditions and you'll feel Awesome riding.

The sun came out and snow changed melting heavy and wet...

Here is Snow Scoot Team "Jykk Snowscoot Team" from Euro! They hold "JykK SNOWSCOOT JAPAN TOUR2011" just started yesterday.
They filmed at Hauba47 Snow Park and made us so excited!!
They jumped big Jump just amazing!!

I found funny costumed guest on the slope. We will held "Hakuba47 Gelande Festival" on this weekend. We'll have "Janken event" only for costumed guest.
We prepare lift-pass or meal ticket etc... for winner with Janken(Rock Scissors Paper)!
47 staff will costumed these days as well!! Don't miss it!




Snow accumulated!!!

Big flakes fell this morning!!
10-15cm of fresh snow accumulated at the upper of mountain!
Wow~~Very soft powder snow could be greatly enjoyed today!!

Big flakes changed to small flakes by the afternoon.

Let's go to see the DBD area (Double black diamond area) this time!
Even though there was no fresh snow, members could enjoy the tree run at the designated areas.
If the snow keeps falling this afternoon, I guess our visitors could enjoy very much tomorrow .
If you have not yet joined our DBD program, don't miss this chance!
For details, please check here.

* For those who ski/snowboard within these off-track areas without permissions, their lift passes will be seized.
As riding off-track areas may cause life-threatening dangers to staffs or other visitors,
please apply for a membership and take a lesson before entering into these areas.

See! The kid was playing with snow happily at the Kid's Zone, which is next to the Gondola Station.
He must have a great fun, I guess~~

We apologize that a certain part of Route 1 was closed.
Our grooming team is trying their every best to finish remarking as soon as possible.
It could be re-opened tomorrow....(Just a wish)




Mr. Wind, could you stop blowing for a while?!

Though it was a cloudy day, panorama of Mt. Myokou could be viewed clearly~
Soft powder snow was still left at the upper part of mountain.
Would you like to enjoy sliding here too?

Winds started blowing from this morning....
By the afternoon, the wind was so strong that Gondola and all lifts were once on hold.
Sorry for causing any inconveniences but please kindly understand it was for the sake of safety. . .

Snowboard Cross Grass Race & Camp was held at Route 6 today!!
What a pity that this event has been called off halfway because of strong winds.
See how participants tried their best to get close of the flag.

Snow may fall tomorrow.....can't wait to go skiing!!!



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