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01, 2011 | 47TODAY


Still Powder snow!

It's cloudy and sometimes sunny today and lots of fresh snow was left at the side of the lane.
It's really a good day skiing/snowboarding in Hakuba 47!

Because of rennovation, Snow Park will be closed today and tomorrow.
To all fans of Snow Park, we are sorry for causing any inconveniences...

Let's look forward to the new digger etc on coming Wednesday!!

Very soft powder snow!
As there are not much visitors on weekdays, it seems I have my own ski route!
I love weekdays!

Original goods of Hakuba 47 are now on sale at Dodgson (below Restaurant Alice)!
We highly recommend T-shirt~~
You could choose different colours with different designs!
Adult T-shirt from 2,500 yen and up, Child T-shirt from 1,980 yen and up~~




"Deliciousweetos" came to Hakuba47!

Snow kept falling the whole night and by the morning it has accumulated up to about 30cm.
Fresh powder snow coated the upper part of mountain!

''DeliciouSweets'', a fascinating live music company, came from Tokyo to Hakuba 47 today!
Their fancy handmade costumes with punchy live music attracted lots of cheerful visitors!

This is ''DeliciouSweets''!
Their hot & energentic performances on snow-made stage made all visitors forget about the cold!

Their live music, singing, dancing etc brought lots of fun to our visitors and made their Sunday very wonderful!
All members of DeliciouSweets, please come to Hakuba 47 again!!

If you missed this excellent show today, please come here next time ~~~




Hot soup service!

''A warm soup at 47'' was held today again !(On every Saturday)
Lots of visitors gathered at the base centre at 14:30 for a warm & delicious soup~~
Thank you so much for your supports!
We will provide different kind of delicious soup every week!
So....what kind of soup will be provided next week? Please come & taste it!

It was very cold last night and by the morning, the temperature dropped to -10C.....my whole body was freezing cold....
Since the snow started to fall and became heavier when the lifts were operated,
we could enjoy the excellent quality powder snow at route 2!!

You see, lovely powder snow in route 3!
We were in luck and had excellent knee-deep snow!
And the powder snow were still to be found at the side of route 3~~

Volvo Chukyo area's ski tour came to Hakuba 47 today!
These guests were very excited about our events like rice-cake making, dinner etc!!
A commendation ceremony and Bingo will also be held at hotel tonight! Can't wait ~~




Present came after strong winds

A strong wind kept blowing from last night to this morning....
When the lift started operation, we could see a clear sunny sky !!
''Daddy, let's go!''
''Let's go!''
How happy this family is!!

See this photo! A backside wall when cruising down the hill.
Can you imagine how strong the wind was?

The strong wind changed the shape of route 3 and forced a late open of route 1, 2 & 3 today....
Will the snow keep in powder condition tomorrow?

Soft powder snow in route 1.
It was a really good day for carving since the snow was soft enough that
the edges could dig into it!
Look forward to the soft powder snow tomorrow too !!



Telephone interview

Hakuba 47 has accumulated up to 198cm of snow.
It was cold and windy this morning but by the afternoon it was sunny.
Our staffs were busy with releasing updated information.

Now recording for a FM radio program~
Please listen to the radio and you may get our updated information !

They came here on a school excursion.
''It was our first time to see snow !'' one of students said yesterday.
But you look, they did so well today!

What was he doing?
He was doing kicker maintenance since the amount of snow increases everyday.

But the limited amount of snow impeding the progress of Half Pipe...

Snowfall at night and sunny at noon...could this dream come true?




Snowing Silently

Light snow was falling this morning.
Some snows laid on the wears while going up the mountail by taking a lift.
See my wears! It turned white !!

Continuing low temperatures kept the snow in excellent condition for skiing!

All routes were covered by a thick layer of powder snow,
Should I focus on those courses with very soft snow tomorrow... ?!

Advanced lane was closed because the snow laid thick on the park...
No problem! ll Let's do Pipe, Kicker and Jib items today!
We could also approach and landing in soft snow!
See this rider !

Bibimbap, Korean mixed meal, was made at Dee & Dam on a trial basis today!
Its recipe handled down directly from one of our Korean colleagues.
Our staffs are now testing this new dish, and we will keep updating its information once ready!!




Strong wind...

It was a sunny morning! But the wind blew steadily. . .
Especially in the upper part of the ski resort that the strong wind forced all the lifts closed...but it brought us lots of high quality powder snow!

Though Route 2 was a little bit rough, the snow was not sticky that it is easy to cruise down the hill.
But the strong cold wind made you feel even colder!!

Air scent dogs training was held next to the car park by Rescue Dogs Society Niigata Japan (Non-Profit Organization) today.
NHK also came here to interview them ~ On show !

All lifts at the upper parts were closed because of strong winds...
So, wanna get warm by tasting a delicious pizza at Luis?
Anchobi (1,300yen), starts in this season!


Please come and try !!




Mr. Japanese Serow!

A Japanese serow was seen last night in the field which is next to the entrance of Hakuba 47.
It was still crouching in the middle of the field this morning.

Was it hurt? Hope it is fine. . .

Snow started falling heavily when the Gondola opened.

The Half Pipe, which has been opened from yesterday, had some troubles last night. . . (Please see details at Hakuba 47 Twitter) but it was well repaired and opened today without any problems!

See a overhead jump by a advanced snowboarder!

Snow falling for all day and make more powder anywhere, and also moguls (Route3) is getting bigger!

Patrol's ski!! This model is for ski patrol and emergency team("Save life" model of Surface ski ). This so coool! This is his favorite one. Look at his smile... :)




Sorry for keeping you wait~

Sorry for keeping you wait ~
Half Pipe is open today !

Speaking of Hakuba 47, it must be Snow Park !
The only one Half Pipe in Hakuba village was finished !

Today was the last day of our event 'Snow-kon in Hakuba 47' - a matchmaking event in ski resort.
Slalom racing competition was held. Did the one they love read their mind ?

For those couples who met in Hakuba 47, please come here again!

This is a view of the entire Snow Park.
Though Hakuba 47 has a huge amount of snow, this season's snow accumulation has dropped about 1m compared with last season.
But thanks to strong efforts from park designer, the snow park has almost the same size as last year.
Hurray !!

Child zone is open too!
Please come and play with your child here!
Ride on a sled, play with snow etc. . .

As less child zone could be found next to the Gondola station,
Please come enjoy this fine view with your family members !




DBD Program starts

"Double Black Diamond program" finally started today because there was plenty of snow over that area. About 20visitors, who looked forward to joining this program, had their lessons at class first before heading to each area.

These visitors went on to give cautionary advice while skiing at each area. They enjoyed cruising through the waist-deep snow at the bound with the finest untracked powder snow. "Great! Bravo!" yelled the visitors. Will they keep cruising down the hill and riding a ski lift(LineC) the whole day...?!

"Snow-Kon in Hakuba47" (Speed-dating) is held today and tomorrow. This event includes skiing/snowboarding lesson, Lunch at Restaurant Luis with delicious pizza, lucky draw and gathering at night etc... All members are very excited and they look forward to joining the party tonight!

Final preparation for the opening of Half-Pipe tomorrow! It is not so "Perfect shape" though... But all the crew are working hard to make it perfect. Please come enjoy this Half-Pipe at Hakuba47 in this season from tomorrow!




Sunny day in cold condition

It was cold and cloudy in this morning, but the magnificent panorama of the North Alps Japan could clearly be seen when the sun came out. Powder snow was still left and you could enjoy cruising down the hill with this finest quality snow.

Big Jump for advanced skiers/snowboarders was upgraded from 12m to 15m. It finally reopened today after the strong winds and heavy snowfall forcing closed for 3days before. Waiting time long because there were not much users. You could land a ski jump easily on a soft snow though there might be a little effect from snow machine when approaching.

Though our pipe's crew members were working hard everyday, tomorrow's opening could not be able to catch... Let's open on Sunday! All our crew members are devoting themselves solely to the preparation.

Snow fall these days brought a huge amounts of snow! So "Double Black Diamond Program" can be started from tomorrow! This is a program for those who could enjoy a tree run at designated area outside Route2 after taking a lesson. Please come enjoy a tree run on powder snow by simply applying at the "School Cafe" next to the bus stop at 9:00 - 9:20am!




Pow Pow

"Today is the last day..." "It's not easy to ski on fresh snow" two women who come from Chiba and Shizuoka said. They took a skiing lesson until yesterday and planned to enjoy the last day on skiing before going back. "Both of you did very well" I said. They are already 70years old and they are fortunate in having good friends.

Knee-deep fresh snow at ski-resort. Snow condition was so good that you could enjoy both skiing/snowboarding,right? Many visitors gathered at Upper Route1 & Route2 for enjoying this soft snow.

At Route5, Staffs of Hakuba47's school were given training in strategies to perfect teaching skills. "I am just a student today" one of staffs who were taught by on experienced teacher said. It is good to understand both feeling of "teaching & being taught" becoming a teacher.

Skiing at Route7 leisurely. It's about 6,400m long from the summit of mountain through Route8 to Route7. It is a popular course among kids that they can ski voraciously or leisurely.




Today as well ?!

Though all lifts were closed because of strong winds yesterday. Gondola lift was operating smoothly in the morning today. However, winds did not stop... As the pic shown, the winds blew horizontally at the upper part of LineC that all lifts were finally closed at 14:00 like yesterday.

R1,2&3 could finally be enjoyed today because LineC was operating this morning. Condition of courses could be seen at "Daily Course Report" ! Renovation of the Half Pipe has been started from today, just by moving the snow of Gondola station to the Half Pipe...

"There is no enough snow..." Our crews who smooth out the slope said. But Pipe's crew did not give up!! They are now working hard to prepare the pipes for the opening this coming weekend. Really looking forward !!

At the bound towards Gondola station at Route2. The winds were not strong and there were adequate snow, that you would not get hurt though you jumped into high speed from middle of Route2. You could also enjoy skiing/snowboarding at its natural land form. Hope the winds could be dropped off tomorrow...




Hello Sunny day !

"Snow fell in 6 straight days, really look forword to a sunny day today" At the moment when I thought, the sun came out! However, the winds were very strong at the upper part of ski resort, bringing a poor visibility. Finally, LineC & E were closed, in a whole day, Gondola Lift & LineAB were stopped, and just Line D was operated. The wind couldn't wait too?!

Strong winds brings move snow on the slopes. And most of slopes closed for the day. This mean... Guess how good tomorrow!

Expert jump was closed because of huge snow for the couple of days. And finally sum come out and we're all expected to open! However this winds... Just sad... Look at this lip! Make us excited!

We've got "Thanks Letter" from HAKUBA high-school. We support to their environment program. And just finish one year term this time. We'll continue this support and hope no more snow lost in the future on earth.




Keep on snowing...

Snow fell this morning again. It fell in 6 straight days! Besides Route2 and 3, our team smooth out other slopes everyday. But the spray kept coming up while skiing because of fresh snow was so soft that you could enjoy very much!

Gulp! what a marvelous scenery of bound towards Gondola Station at Route2! Spray came up to the waist at the deepest place. Snow accumulation amounts are still up and at this pace. It will be a powder day tomorrow...

Updated news about powder snow again... There were a soft powder zone at the left hand side of skiers at Route1 towards LineC. Pm half day pass would also be a nice choice today because there were not much visitors on weekdays. Come enjoy the powder snow with us tomorrow!

Do you get hungry after powder skiing? Our chef's recommendation menu of Alice restaurant at base area is "Fried pork cutlet rice bowl with soup" (1,050yen), with original secret homemade sauce and crisp fried pork! Yummy! Juicy! Amazing events "ACDL Campaign" and "Stamp Card" are held at 4 restaurants in this season! Please come join these events and try our chef's recommendation menu at the same time.




A lots of events were held

Today is the 3rd Sunday. There ware a lot of events held at Hakuba47. How's this photo? It is a snapshot of "Treasure Hunt for kids" held at the base area while kids were running for powerful snapshot could be seen here (Hakuba47 official You Tube). For those kids who hunted the "treasures", they could get a lift pass, ski equipments or boots(for kids), or the candies/sweets even they hunted nothing.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of skiing in Japan, restaurant event "Hakuba47 Eat's Day" was also held. Lucky draw tickets were distributed on a first-come-first-serve basic and 5 visitors could win a lucky draw of a set of pizza and soft drink. You can see the winner's smiles for winning the prize of a yummy pizza!

Powder snow at the ski resort. It was a wonderful week with powder snow! But the snow shoveling made us very tired... Looking forward to a sunny day, since photosynthesis is to life...




Powder & Powder!

A heavy burst of snow was crossing the north of Japan from this morning, bring fresh snow accumulation though a team has just smooth out slopes. Powder snow were let at all slopes, and the spray came up to the chest while skiing. Snow accumulation amounts are still up!

"Hakuba47 Kids students", offering a full day ski lesson to the kids of Matumoto-city & Nagano-city with round-trip bus, was started today.Groups of teachers and kids students gathered together at the gentle slope of ski resort. They could become good at skiing very soon on this soft & fine snow.

Many visitors gatheed at our restaurants today? Since "Stamp Card" are now issuing by "Alice","Carol","Dee&Dam","Luis" in this season. One stamp is issued with every purchase of 800yen. A meal coupon worth 1,000yen could be received when 20 stamps are collected on one single "Stamp Card"!! Furthermore, you may have a chance to win a deluxe prize under our new event "ACDL campaign" upon purchase over 1,200yen at these 4 restaurants. Please come and join this amazing event!

"Hot soup service at 47" was held on every Saturday. Crowds of visitors gathered at the base area from 14:30. "Thank you very much! It's Pork Miso Soup today! So what is the soup next week?!" one visitor said. "Cheese Let's take a photo for my blog." See the cheerful smiles of a group from Kansai-area! Thank you so much! Many other events will be held tomorrow!




Powder snow today!

Snow was falling softly this morning, but it began to fall heavy. The snow park at Route4, which was closed for renovation from 2pm on 13th Jan and 14th Jan, reopened today that attracted many visitors. Addition of new items and kickers. You could see the details of items at Snow Park page

Snow was gradually accumulated at all areas expect the items at Snow Park. All skiers/snowboarders enjoyed playing the items till the closing time. It is a snapshot of a snowboarder playing the Flat Down Rail, which is set at the end of the Snow Park.

Powder snow was still left at the side of the courses since there were not much visitors. Fresh snow was so soft that you could kick up a big wave of snow spray. Heavy snow began to fall at the base area as well. Tomorrow... Look forward to seeing a huge amount of soft snow!

Most popular menu at restaurant Alice "Shinshu Beef Carry"(900yen) is now proudly presented by our chef of Alice restaurant. The chosen finest quality Shinshu Beef is so soft that give you the melt-in-the-mouth tenderness you crave. Please come and taste it!




It keeps snowing a little bit

It snowed off and on aw the night yesterday. Trees at the top of ski resort were covered by a layer of white snow. that deeply attracted your eyes from LineC lift. Weather was cold this morning, that the snow kept the best condition of this season.

Middle of LineC to the station were wrapped in smog, with a very poor visibility, but the snow was still soft and powdery. The powder snow was so soft that you seem bitting int toe snow over the edge.

Route2 was not pretty rough slope since there ware not much skiers/snowboarders. But you could see many visitors taking ski/snowboard lessons at all slopes, and this powder snow is really great for them.

Because of renovation of the snow park addition of jib items and second jump for advanced skiers/snowboarders, Route4 was closed today. Sorry for any inconveniences caused. Look forward to the re-open of the Snow Park tomorrow!




Good snow!

"Snow in the forecast for today?" when I opened a window, I saw snow accumulation. Snow began to fall form 5am. and it had over 20cm of accumulated snow fall at 8am. Moreover, it was very soft , up to now, it is the best snow of this season. All skiers/snowboarders enjoyed very much at R2 & R3 with knee-deep snow powder.

See the child while sliding. He should be good at skiing very soon. Route4 was not crowded today. It is a fresh powder day if this soft snow keeps falling.

Local Nagano TV station ABN came for an interview at the base area.today. "O-ABN" a famous CM among Nagano citizens, chose here as their topic. Could the other citizens besides Nagano see this CM?




Big spray from groomed slope!

It was awfully cold this morning... -16 degrees at summit, -11 degrees at base. Same as yesterday, snow powders were well kept. Thanks to a fine weather, we can see a breathtaking panorama of series of North Alps. On this sunny day, top of LineC should be a very good chose!

Packed snow powders on top of a hard floor. An off-season period when 3 consecutive day-off just finished, but on the other side, it is also a period that you can enjoy ski & snowboarding with good quality of snow!

A photo took at Route2 giving an illusion of sliding in between of powder snow. This snapshot captured the condition of spray while turning at the edge under very fine snow powder. Great!!

"Hakuba47 Senior Ski Club" members in red vest could be always seen in ski resort. They enjoyed skiing in a good mood today. "Senior Club's Early Morning Ski" will be held tomorrow morning, Would you come and join in too! Moreover, Senior Club always arranges a series of events. Would you like you like to become on of our members?




-13 degrees!!

Because of cold front, temperature at the summit dropped to -13 degree in this morning. But the weather was so fine that we had a great skiing and snowboarding day.Snow powders were still remained at the each slopes. Please come and enjoy ASAP this condition before it melts!

You seldom enjoy skiing and snowboarding under a magnificent view holiday, right? This season, you may be able to ski under this superb scenery every weekend when the weather is fine!

This is a whole view of the biggest R4 Snow Park in Hakuba. Though the numbers of items increased, snow accumulation was minor. Half-Pipe is still under construction, let's request for more snow coming!!

Today's birthday star! A surprised moment when the birthday announcement and the birthday cake were set in front of her under our "Who's Birthday Premium"(Sorry Japanese page only) Congratulations! You could see the details at "Hakuba47 Official YouTube"




Snow since this moring

It was dry and cold yesterday but snow started to fall from this morning. Heavy snow kept falling in the whole day,and as this photo shown. Snow was accumulated to 20-30cm in the middle of ski run. The weather forecast said it will keep falling until midnight and let's wait tomorrow!!

10am at base area, Customers came recently and the crowds gathered together at the base area & ticket counter around 10 am. A long queue of colorful wear cloud be seen in front of the Gondola station. That you can also feel the holiday mood.

Snow retained a little bit moisture, but the fresh snow was so soft that a spray could be easily done. At 2pm, almost no powder was left, but how happy we were when we found some remaining powder at the side of the slope.

Ouality of snow was not so bad, but the view was seriously obscured at all course. At this time "Jib items" was the most popular one in the park. The weather forecast mentioned that snow probably will not fall tomorrow... but let's wish these will be a clear view with fresh snow!




Powder & Blue sky just Amazing! No cloud, white mountain. Awesome view appeared from early morning. This picture was taken at summit of LineE. Should come and see it!

Still powder condition continue from 2 days ago. -10 degrees top of the mountain chilly! That made super dry snow!!!

There was long queue each section at the R4 Snow Park. Specially 9m Jump was changed to 12m's. So Big isn't it?! People ride a LineA&B ware so excited to watch big jumps! COOL!

Look at these guys! "Moe~". They are related to "Mixi". Must be sooo excited and fun!




Sunny day in Hakuba!

It is partly sunny day today.We've got a little bit snow such 2-3cm new snow last night. And it was very cold as top -12 degrees and base -8 degrees. So snow kept dry and powder.

Every slope, it is hard pack and powder snow is on there. Ski runs well and for high speed turn. Check it out!

The day before yesterday, it was huge mogul whole Route3. Snowfall yesterday has covered moguls of Route3, but many skier & snowboarder ate new good powder yesterday, so moguls came up again today.

Guys from Tokyo, They are uni students of Tokyo. Just have fun good snow and snowboarding with beautiful view!!




A heaven of Powder Snow!!

We've got much snow since last evening. Around top of LineC, it was about 70cm new snow in the morning. And snow level is very close to 200cm, 197cm!! Somebody is in deep snow and stuck! Could they get out from a doodlebug?!

Until yesterday, it was deep mogul at Route3, but snowfall covered whole slope of Route3 today. It was so beautiful no track slope in the morning,but around 15:00, it was already ate and mess then.

Route7 for beginners, it was very smoothly groomed. Good snow, smoothly groomed, I just thought growing up and I am good, But it is not. I have to have lesson more...

Good news for such beginners, we have a ski school for ski,snowboard,funski. You can take private lesson or lesson which up to your level. Check out Ski School page!




It began to snow!

It was cold today in the morning. it was -9 degree at the top, and -6 degree at the base. Snow was a little hard at all routes but it kept as powder condition because of dry air. It became the carving heaven after grooming this packed powder. Great!!

At Route3, there ware some big snow bumps. The deepest one was up to the knees,but the snow was so soft that we could not ski over a bump. But just pass through it easily.

Snow park at Route4. Items here are getting increased. As above photo, 5m Down Rail was added at the lower part of advanced snow skiing trick today.Moreover, 2 Flat Boxes were installed in the middle of lane part of intermediate snow skiing trick. Please see the details here

Heavy snow continued to fall at the top in the afternoon. And around 15:30pm, heavy snowfall also across the base area! Really look forward to new snow accumulation tomorrow!




It keeps cold

As today was the last day of New Year Holidays. The snow park was crowded with ski/snowboard lovers, including kids & children. The day, partially cloudy at first, but became clearly later. At afternoon, as the temperature kept low, the condition of snow powder kept as yesterday.

Snow conditions of all routes were kept the same as yesterday. It was too fun to ski after the machine groomed packed powder snow(Photo took at Route1). A beautiful scene of snow bumps could be enjoyed at Route3. Snow conditions of all routes were uploaded to today's condition at "Today's Slopes Condition"(sorry Japanese only).

Children, from Nagoya, were very excited when they were planing at "Kids Gelande" next to Gondola station. "Woo!!" "Great!!" could be heard everywhere, no matter how cold it was!

Despite black clouds covered the North Alps near Mt.Goryu-dake, a series of white mountains could be seen at Happo side, Cloudy/Snow forecast for tomorrow!? Let's make a wish!




Beautiful North Alps

The weather was so fine today that we could see panorama view of the North Alps like Mt.Goryu and Mountain of Hakuba from Route8. It kept very cold in the whole day that the face was a hit freezing while skiing/snowboarding.

Thanks to the cold weather!! Snow powder was very soft at all routes. The lower pattern was once hardened when the temperature rose a little bit. But its hardness was perfectly good for skiers/snowboards.

As there was no sunshine in the morning at Route2, the snow was very hard. However, carving turn could be enjoyed after our operations of the snow powder on top of it. It is a snapshot of snow spraying whilst turning. Great!!

A long queue could be seen because 7m was added beneath the original snow park(9m) at advanced lane from today! Air kept flowing at the advanced lane that made the board moving smoothly. On the other hand, 47park TWITTER was started ! (Sorry Japanese) You can see our new items & real time from twitter.




We still keep powder snow!

We've got 3cm of new snow around base area last night. Still powder condition's continue! At 7am int the morning, grooming machine came back from their work. It must be fun to watch you come this happen early morning. And also free coffee service start from 6:00am to 9:30am. Enjoy watch this and have free coffee.

Awesome packed powder snow at Route1,2. How good? Watch this picture!

Lots of family skiers & snowboaders in ski hill today. And many kids had snowboard or ski lessons. They looks so excited! Have fun and hope improve it!

Look this huge beer!! You want to have it?! Go "Dee&Dam" restaurant now! @1,000yen/l  CHEAP isn't it?!




A Happy New Year 2011

A Happy New Year everyone!! Look at this picture. Beautiful isn't it? Grooming staff greeted the rising sun for the first of the year. Here is top of LineC lict. We hope all guest have great new year!

We hold many event from early morning. Started from "Offered SAKE" and "Mochi-party", pound steamed rice into rice cake. Kids helped to make mochi(rice cake) after that, They ate all of thing put on "Zo-ni",soup which eaten on new year's day. There was long line for wait to have it!

"Janken Tornament"! A lot of guests come over and join this event. They beated to Hakuba47 staff and the winner got big present.

"The treasure Hunting" a game which is carried out on the 3rd Sunday of every month was specially done on 1st Jan! Because of the New Year. A numbers of kids participated in this event! Vouchers of lift tickets, Meal coupons, snacks and toys were put inside a small prastic ball,which was next to Pizza House Luis. They were very exciting whom they humted the "treasures" you could see their cute faces The Hakuba47 official You Tube.



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