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01, 2011 | 47TODAY


Still Powder snow!

It's cloudy and sometimes sunny today and lots of fresh snow was left at the side of the lane.
It's really a good day skiing/snowboarding in Hakuba 47!

Because of rennovation, Snow Park will be closed today and tomorrow.
To all fans of Snow Park, we are sorry for causing any inconveniences...

Let's look forward to the new digger etc on coming Wednesday!!

Very soft powder snow!
As there are not much visitors on weekdays, it seems I have my own ski route!
I love weekdays!

Original goods of Hakuba 47 are now on sale at Dodgson (below Restaurant Alice)!
We highly recommend T-shirt~~
You could choose different colours with different designs!
Adult T-shirt from 2,500 yen and up, Child T-shirt from 1,980 yen and up~~




"Deliciousweetos" came to Hakuba47!

Snow kept falling the whole night and by the morning it has accumulated up to about 30cm.
Fresh powder snow coated the upper part of mountain!

''DeliciouSweets'', a fascinating live music company, came from Tokyo to Hakuba 47 today!
Their fancy handmade costumes with punchy live music attracted lots of cheerful visitors!

This is ''DeliciouSweets''!
Their hot & energentic performances on snow-made stage made all visitors forget about the cold!

Their live music, singing, dancing etc brought lots of fun to our visitors and made their Sunday very wonderful!
All members of DeliciouSweets, please come to Hakuba 47 again!!

If you missed this excellent show today, please come here next time ~~~




Hot soup service!

''A warm soup at 47'' was held today again !(On every Saturday)
Lots of visitors gathered at the base centre at 14:30 for a warm & delicious soup~~
Thank you so much for your supports!
We will provide different kind of delicious soup every week!
So....what kind of soup will be provided next week? Please come & taste it!

It was very cold last night and by the morning, the temperature dropped to -10C.....my whole body was freezing cold....
Since the snow started to fall and became heavier when the lifts were operated,
we could enjoy the excellent quality powder snow at route 2!!

You see, lovely powder snow in route 3!
We were in luck and had excellent knee-deep snow!
And the powder snow were still to be found at the side of route 3~~

Volvo Chukyo area's ski tour came to Hakuba 47 today!
These guests were very excited about our events like rice-cake making, dinner etc!!
A commendation ceremony and Bingo will also be held at hotel tonight! Can't wait ~~



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