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12, 2010 | 47TODAY


The beautiful day in the morning

Blue sky, and white mountain. Just beautiful! This is the day for ski and snow board!

Rails and Wide Rail are open little by little, big jumps will open depends on snow fall.

Photograph service just started. He appears anywhere on the slopes, if you find him, make a BIG SMILE!! This sales on the internet as well. Or you can buy top of Gondola station around 11am. Just check "Top Shot" out!!

A party of 64 members from RITSUMEI junior & high school. They are training skiing from 25th! Snow ball fight started after photography... They ware so excited!!!




Still Powder snow!

Just stopped snow fall last night and started good weather from today. We had little snow this early morning and super dry powder is everywhere.

Route2&3 was NO GROOMED! Look this spray! Just awesome!

There was long queue waiting for enter the 7m Jump. Snow condition is GOOD! Come and enjoy the Snow Park.

It's hard to see... this picture, Between LineC and Parelift LineE, you will see the snowhips. We are planning of "Changing the mountain into a Snow Park!" And it progressing what is going on next? You'll see... :)




Snow Park new items were up

Finaly we had much of snow yesterday and opened 4m,7m Jumps at the snow park. Snow conditions are soft and dry. So good for ready to the new season. Snow Park details are here.

Route1, Soft and powder snow! Today wad snowful for all day. Low temp makes good condition.

There is some bumps at Route2,3. Especially middle line. Looks deep and tough. For those who love ski or mogul. Should go!!

We had application of "snow-shoeing tour" today. 2kids and their father were so excited on the fresh deep snow. They learned many things about forest, and had tea time on the snow and snow table. Look at this big smile!! I'll upload more details of this tour soon.



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